Author’s Instructions

International Conference of the Indonesian Chemical Society

Reviewing for ICICS 2019 is double-blind, so authors should not be listed on the title page, and reasonable anonymity should be maintained in the paper. Submissions that are identical (or substantially similar) to versions that have been previously published, or accepted for publication, or that have been submitted in parallel to other conferences are not appropriate for ICICS and violate our dual submission policy. Submissions will be evaluated in terms of their technical quality, novelty, significance, potential impact, and clarity. All papers accepted for presentation at the main conference will be published in online proceedings.

ICICS 2019 will have a rebuttal phase. The authors will be given 4 days to respond to reviewers’ comments. Check the main web page of the conference for updates as we get closer to the dates. Conditional accepts will be used. Authors will be given 10-14 days to improve their paper. Authors will be provided with detailed information if this affects their paper.

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