IJC Author Guidelines

International Conference of the Indonesian Chemical Society

IJC Author Guidelines

Brief Overview for Submissions

The submitted manuscripts are classified into three categories: original paper which presents original works in detail, notes and/or short communications which present novel and/or valuable information and reviews which present a general survey of specialized subject in chemistry. The manuscript submission should be submitted in the ICICS 2019 site first. Please save your manuscript as ID_your-abstract-id_IJC_manuscript.docx or ID_your-abstract-id_IJC_manuscript.doc and submit your manuscript here.

All manuscripts should be written in concise and clear English and suggested to be typed following these rules:

  • Full justification singled spaced in Arial 11 for abstract, references, figure captions and tables (tables and figures should be typed on separate sheets at the end of the manuscript)
  • Full justification double spaced for text, in Arial 11, using no more than 20 pages for original papers, 10 pages for notes and/or short communication and 30 pages for reviews.
  • Left and right margins should be 3.0 cm length.
  • The title should be typed in Arial 12 bold.
  • The names of the authors and addresses at which the research was done, including postal code, should appear under the title.
  • Use Arabic number typed as a superscript to link authors to their addresses and an asterisk to indicate the author(s) to whom correspondence should be addressed.
  • Main headings (Abstract, Introduction, Experimental, Results and Discussion, Conclusions) are typed in bold and capital italics.
  • Type all headings aligned left and lower case except the first letter of the first word or any proper name.
  • The abstract should contain no more than 200 words followed by 3-5 keywords.
  • Text references to the literature must be numbers in square brackets. Journals titles should be abbreviated according to the Chemical Abstract Service Source Index (CASSI).
  • All references should be prepared according to the following style:
    • Article in Journal:
      Utari, U., Kusumandari, K., Purnama, B., Mudasir, M., and Abraha, K., 2016, Surface morphology of Fe(III)-porphyrin thin layers as characterized by atomic force microscopy, Indones. J. Chem., 16 (3), 233-238.
    • Chapter in a Book:
      Rao, C.N.R, and Rao, K.J., 1992, “Ferroics” in Solid State Chemistry Compounds, Eds. Cheetam, A.K., and Day, P, P., Clarendon Press, Oxford, pp. 281-96. 
    • Whole Book:
      Barrer, R.M., and Craven, R.J.B., 1986, New Developments in Zeolite Science and Technology, ed. Murakame, Y, Iijima, A. and Ward, J.W., Kodansha, Tokyo, p.521.


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